Monday, January 22, 2007

Maze or Best Movie I'll See in a Theater this Year

From an old issue of Gank, thought I would put this up in honor of Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth finally making it's way to our small town. I would truly be a happy man if he continued with the Mexican/Spanish small movies, but then I also had a great time watching Blade 2 in the theaters(I liked Hellboy but he really needs to stick with the R rating). I'm not going to spoil anything just let me say this isn't a Disney fairy tale and deserves it's R rating. Enjoy the maze.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Warts and All

I never claimed to be a decent letterer, in fact I would claim to be a horrible letterer. It was the main reason I got out of graphic design(this was before computers, and you had to color in letters in gauche), most of my projects looked like a two year old did it(I really was in my own kind of hell). I can't say my lettering has gotten better but I try a little harder now, but looking back at this issue I can say that it is readable and readable. It has come into my head to redo this issue, but looking at it now I say it holds up well, the only thing I would change is the cover(which I may still do), following the same design as the issues that follow. So welcome to the world of Jake Ace, Martin, and Bradley Hess, I hope you enjoy.

80 Proof Comix Presents Tasty Treats Vol.2 #1

A word about the gag strip, it's based on two friends who used to make Super 8 movies who thinking about it now would have made a great comedy team.

Hard copies are available email me for details.