Tuesday, December 18, 2007


god knows what on News Years Day-Next DOB Jan.15 Enjoy

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Where's page 7 and 8?!?!..Experiment

Look for Ace And Martin that is pages 7&8

Was watching a lot of Hong Kong movies when this came into my head-wanted to try to tell a story in a unfamiliar language not just pictures(though the pictures do have to tell the story). Again there are parts I like and dislike, I seem to remember not feeling the issue was strong enough hence the appearance of the Ace and Martin 10 dollar recipe, and the bonus Pin-up of Doctor Str...I..uh..mean Mysto. Looking at it again, I think I like it better now then when I put it out-go figure.

Next Days Dec.18th Enjoy

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It all starts here-where it goes I don't know.

Failed experiment in two weeks-next issue December 18 ENJOY

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Here But Not Here-Rant Friday-Friday Rant

New post on Friday-See you then

This was the rant I had been planning to do-but on my way back from North Carolina, I saw many hard working state troopers and policemen doing what they should be doing. Unlike here in Cleveland-thus this rant

Days of Bewilderment starts Nov. 20 Enjoy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Days of Bewilderment

Let's start this ride

In two weeks whatever I can scrounge up or perhaps a rant, November 20th the real beginning begins. Enjoy

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

GIANT MONSTER 1..Two weeks

It vs. Planty-on oil 2006

First Giant Monster Painting, the source material for all the Giant Monster paintings is a group of drawings I did in 3rd and 4th grade, which I then put together in a binder and put away a long time ago. Unearthed many years later, and the light bulb pops on, after 3 paintings it seems to me the billboards are what are becoming more interesting(to me at least).

Two weeks will see the return of 80 Proof, going to start out with a primer of sorts reintroducing characters and a recap of the blog. All the material will be new, and then a month later will begin the new ride. Enjoy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Last Old One Before the New Ones (or A Big Long One(20 pages long)), and ...If It Wasn't...So here's the plan

2005/06 Lindsay Lohan wasn't quite the train wreck she is now but her spiral downward probably started around this time. But that is the redhead Martin is talking about in this issue and he pretty much called it. I won't go into the the other women he's talking about, and No I haven't read any Harry Potter so I don't know if HP has the hots for that chick in the book or not. Somehow I pulled 20 pages out of the old grey matter and almost made a real comic(24 pages being the norm, I believe). We finally get to meet Stewart, Ellroy(maybe he'll be back), Miss Haddie(eh). The good thing about this issue was that Stewart was introduced as he plays off Ace and Martin in a way I wasn't expecting and I do have big plans for him and a part-time job he will be getting. For the most part I was pretty satisfied with the issue(yeah Ellroy's a cliche, that's why you probably won't see him again), the whole Harry Potter is alright(people were really complaining like that though) the best part being Martin going on his fantasy girl tangent. The weirdest thing about this issue was that instead of listening to music I was listening to DVD commentaries while I drew it out, one of them being A History of Violence, which brings me to...
...If It Wasn't for Guillermo Del Toro, and David Cronenberg I probably wouldn't step into a movie theater. Eastern Promises had the Cronenberg violence but at least to me didn't have the Cronenberg menace that makes his other movies so strong. I wish he would get back into writing his own movies again.

So here's the plan I like the every other Tuesday schedule thus the next post will be either a painting or a rant that has been building up for awhile, then the following post will be the start of the new stuff.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ANNOTHHERR PPPAAINNNTINNGGG..Aww jheez..(hey gimme a break here)

Last Blue Cup oil 2007

Last of a series, the blue cup paintings-will see if I have more of the series preserved to film. Comic in two weeks and I am trying to get moving on the new stuff.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NO ORDER-Giant Monster 3

Nikra (Giant Monster 3) oil 2007

Two more paintings to put up and one more issue of Tasty Treats(actually 3-but one more with Jake Ace)before the new stuff(I need to get my ass in gear). I am going to try to stay on this every 2-week Tuesday schedule-here's hoping. Enjoy

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tasty Treats #6 The Mental Health Issue, Strange Coincidence #2, and Happy to Report

So yes I did decide to skip Issues 4&5 for now(issue 4 needs it's own space as it is an experiment that failed miserably but does has a pull-out poster(which is good), and a recipe comic with Jake Ace and Martin(which is better), and the rest of the issue is ehh. Anyway we will skip back to 2004, this issue came about from the second story first, for what ever reason this guy I was working with started to sing the Ghostbusters song, then this image popped in my head of him as a kid walking around saying " I ain't afraid of no ghosts". Then I just drove him crazy about it the rest of the day, adding more to it, the bullies, the lunch box, and I even think the Autistic angle(it seems most of my ideas come from acting like a idiot at work, but it also let's me build on something and in this case it was "why the fuck is he singing that stupid song"), but by the time I got home I had the story in my head, paper ghosts and all.

The problem was that I knew the story wasn't long enough, and I had to come up with another story, thus the Jake Ace story which in a word isn't bad but the whole thing came from the idea that on Tuesdays you always get these ads, coupons, and clutter, in your mailbox, and I wanted to add a mailman character and what you see is what you get. Bob isn't a bad character he's fine, but he makes Jake into a good character which is bad. The best parts of the first story are Jake dealing with Hertz lady, the kids, and Martin, the middle just seems to lose it's way, and Bob's crazy rant should have been crazier. No complaints on the Bradley Hess story it pretty much came out how I had it in my head, even got to give some payback to a typing teacher I had. So jump to page 9 if want to read the better story.

Strange Coincidence #2 see April 7, 2007 for #1, I don't know if the scene I saw will be in the movie or if it's a cut scene(it did seem kind of long) but the movie Superbad has a scene(or deleted scene) where the fat kid is telling a story from his youth and he keeps mentioning a Ghostbusters lunch box where he keeps his dirty pictures. For some reason that struck me as odd as I knew that I would be posting this issue, and to see that scene specifically it's crazzee.

7 pages are written of Jake Ace and Crew, no outline, no idea where the story is going, it's already gone off on a tangent, once again resulting from a discussion I had with a co-worker at my present job(except I didn't drive her crazy). Once I have ten pages written I'll start drawing, will try to keep the Tuesday schedule. Enjoy

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to the Basics, a Pleasant Surprise, and Beating-up Technology

1999 found me back in Cleveland and if it was a chapter in a book it would be titled The Last Big Hurrah(for me at least)-the body was slowing somewhat, but the spirit was still willing to enjoy..well..spirits. But the move back also got the creative juices flowing(that seemed to be the case anytime I moved), the house I moved into had very little painting space so I opted for crayon etchings(see Sept. 1 2006) and it was time for a new comic. I went back to the Jake Ace well and focused on Martin.

I liked this issue, when I finished it I felt the artwork and the writing complimented each other and I was getting comfortable with the characters. I realized that Martin was the funny one and Jake for lack of a better term was the straight-man, a story without Martin is 12 pages of Jake ranting and raving(which is not bad thing),which can get pretty tiring. The "Nurse Ratchet" woman(who does come back in future issues I don't even know if I named her yet)was based on this woman at Hertz who gave some friends and I a real hard time on payment for a rental car-we were told one price when we picked up the car given another price when we dropped it off, she did not offer much help I might as well have been talking to a rock-so here's the payback. Also when I finished this issue I knew there was something off I couldn't quite figure it out, and then my friend pointed out that it should have been one page longer-Martin passes out way to soon, which I agreed with. Maybe I'll add that page one day.

Pleasantly surprised that The Simpsons movie was good actually laugh out loud good. Not great but very good. A lot funnier than any of the recent episodes I have seen, I chalk this up to the writers of the movie as it was a who's who of classic Simpsons writers from pretty much the first nine seasons. It took a minute to register that I was watching them on the big screen but the animation was great without being overdone and they even had a somewhat trippy drug scene. There's my review.

I think I'll will be wrapping up the rest of the Jake Ace Tasty Treats(maybe a painting interjected here and there),this may light a fire under my ass to get the new one sheets started, instead of spending a Saturday night ripping open my cd player only to find that I can't fix it(knowing that any repair shop would tell me to get a new one), and then punching the damn thing so the cd tray doesn't stick out. Why is it that the record player I got when I was sixteen still works and a cd player I got four years ago craps out on me.