Tuesday, June 26, 2007

mini rant-I should watch the Dvd extras or do some reasearch-plus Mystery Issue

I've been trying to reconfigure this thing so that when you click on the image it doesn't fill up the whole screen and you have to shrink it-something I can't figure out if it's on my end or bloggers end, as this only began after switching to the new version and for some reason I find it very very verryyy annoying.

In regards to Children of Men and the scene I talked about last post, I have since found out that it was culled from six takes of the shot and seamlessly put together into one long take. I guess I'll try not to fall asleep during DVD extras, or do some research before making any proclamations of greatness(it still is a great scene though).

Anyway onto Tasty Treats 3a, when I did this issue I still had the idea to have Tasty Treats do different stories with different characters. So here was my attempt to do a children's story starring Dr. Tobor, it is the only issue I had someone read before I finished it. I gave it to some friends and family and pretty much put it away, never really took it around to the record and comic stores and it has been been in limbo since. Looking at it now, it is what it is, I like the artwork and the lettering for me doesn't get better than that. The story is alright, I think when I get sentimental or mushy things tend to fall apart in my stories(it'll happen again in issue 6), so coming next will be issue 3b back to Jake Ace and the crew. Enjoy