Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to the Basics, a Pleasant Surprise, and Beating-up Technology

1999 found me back in Cleveland and if it was a chapter in a book it would be titled The Last Big Hurrah(for me at least)-the body was slowing somewhat, but the spirit was still willing to enjoy..well..spirits. But the move back also got the creative juices flowing(that seemed to be the case anytime I moved), the house I moved into had very little painting space so I opted for crayon etchings(see Sept. 1 2006) and it was time for a new comic. I went back to the Jake Ace well and focused on Martin.

I liked this issue, when I finished it I felt the artwork and the writing complimented each other and I was getting comfortable with the characters. I realized that Martin was the funny one and Jake for lack of a better term was the straight-man, a story without Martin is 12 pages of Jake ranting and raving(which is not bad thing),which can get pretty tiring. The "Nurse Ratchet" woman(who does come back in future issues I don't even know if I named her yet)was based on this woman at Hertz who gave some friends and I a real hard time on payment for a rental car-we were told one price when we picked up the car given another price when we dropped it off, she did not offer much help I might as well have been talking to a rock-so here's the payback. Also when I finished this issue I knew there was something off I couldn't quite figure it out, and then my friend pointed out that it should have been one page longer-Martin passes out way to soon, which I agreed with. Maybe I'll add that page one day.

Pleasantly surprised that The Simpsons movie was good actually laugh out loud good. Not great but very good. A lot funnier than any of the recent episodes I have seen, I chalk this up to the writers of the movie as it was a who's who of classic Simpsons writers from pretty much the first nine seasons. It took a minute to register that I was watching them on the big screen but the animation was great without being overdone and they even had a somewhat trippy drug scene. There's my review.

I think I'll will be wrapping up the rest of the Jake Ace Tasty Treats(maybe a painting interjected here and there),this may light a fire under my ass to get the new one sheets started, instead of spending a Saturday night ripping open my cd player only to find that I can't fix it(knowing that any repair shop would tell me to get a new one), and then punching the damn thing so the cd tray doesn't stick out. Why is it that the record player I got when I was sixteen still works and a cd player I got four years ago craps out on me.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey it's the thing that was last post now in color in this post

Yorgon (Giant Monster#2) 2007
Send it to your favorite Giant Monster fan(Kaiju if you want to get technical).

Monday, July 09, 2007

ART SHOW-Paintings

I will be part of a show featuring the paintings of Dave Cintron, John Howitt, and Scott Pickering, at the True Art Gallery 410 East 156th Collinwood OH. 216-383-0230. Opening is Saturday July 14th 6-11pm(show will run until August 4th) live music provided by the above named gentlemen. On my end, one painting brings a series to an end and three paintings begin a new series, featuring Giant Monsters(which seem to be making a comeback-The Host, D-War, and a new secret one from the guy that did Alias and does Lost.), so if you wanna see the guy below in full color Come on down.