Monday, November 20, 2006

Lesson 1 and Rant #2

4 months in the making finally it's here, your proper Welcome to 80 Proof Comix so let's begin.
Named after one of my favorite movie series The Thin-Man starring William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, high society drinkers who solve crime on the side(though Nick is a ex-detective who always seems to run into guys he "sent up the river" and they are always happy to see him). The kind of movies they don't make anymore, dialogue fast and funny, a dog named Asta, all available on DVD-Find them, Watch them, and Enjoy.
The comic did not and I had no intention to capture the tone of the movies. The Thin-Man was a private detective, who didn't use a gun but his brain. Two issues were put out and a third issue was finished but never released. The Thin-Man did receive a nice Christmas card. Thanks

The Thin-Man #1 1987 #2 1988

I put The Thin-Man to rest and went on to a horror comic, Bloody Murder, the comics usually had two stories one serious and the other with a little more humor. There was a Crypt-Keeper type character-though looking through the issues I don't think I bothered to name him. Not much to say, it's a horror book-I like it(horror that is), still do(not the torture crap they're peddling today-but I'll save that rant for another day).

Bloody Murder #1 1989
Bloody Murder #2 1989-90
Bloody Murder #3 1990-91

But I will say this The cover of Issue 2 is loosely based-influenced by John Carpenter's The Thing, which is a remake of the Howard Hawk's film The Thing from Another World, which is based on the story Who Goes There by John Cambell-Whew.
Now the Hawks film is a classic, I remember it fondly as a kid. But there are certain times in your life when you See something, Hear something, or Read something, that makes your spine tingle and your Brain Turn Upside Down. Carpenter's The Thing did that for me, the story was there and the cast made the chaos, and the horror seem real whether there was a monster on screen or not. But it was the effects in that movie that turned my brain to mush, morphing, tentacle, chest teeth, dogs inside out hell beast animation that was in real time, and the best thing about it was that you knew somewhere that the Norris Spider Head was sitting somewhere in some Hollywood warehouse. The movie did everything a movie should, plus in my case it gave my brain an extra tweak, so when I read that they're planning a remake this was my first thought...

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