Saturday, April 07, 2007

As Promised: TASTY TREATS #2

This one was done down in North Carolina, I thought these guys would rotate stories with Jake Ace. That did not happen, and though I still like the image of the two, stories did not really pop into my head. The story here is based on the fact that I had at one time been able to take these long vacations and spend money like a lunatic, which was not happening while living down in North Carolina or now for that matter. This issue I tried to clean up the lettering and the artwork, which I think I succeeded in more or less.
---This is Honest to your God of Choice True: I had just finished the issue, STORY and art were all done when a week or two later I'm watching The Simpsons and there is Krusty on stage doing his act and getting booed. He's getting booed for the same reason Max or Fuller is getting booed for telling old jokes-later in the episode he tries to figure ways to become "hip" kinda like the scene in this issue. Since I had not made any copies yet I was afraid that people would think I stole from The Simpsons which was not the case. This seems to have happened to me a couple of times, most recently I liked the idea of a doorway to another dimension or hell and was planning on doing the a new strip on that, but all of a sudden the Sci-Fi channel had a show like that, and there is some movie coming out with Robert Englund, and a direct to dvd movie, so I stopped thinking about such a strip. Now I have to come up with something else.

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