Monday, July 09, 2007

ART SHOW-Paintings

I will be part of a show featuring the paintings of Dave Cintron, John Howitt, and Scott Pickering, at the True Art Gallery 410 East 156th Collinwood OH. 216-383-0230. Opening is Saturday July 14th 6-11pm(show will run until August 4th) live music provided by the above named gentlemen. On my end, one painting brings a series to an end and three paintings begin a new series, featuring Giant Monsters(which seem to be making a comeback-The Host, D-War, and a new secret one from the guy that did Alias and does Lost.), so if you wanna see the guy below in full color Come on down.

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booblikon said...

hi, Mr. Glenn. dug the art show last week, thanks. here are the links to the RepoMan comix we spoke of. sorry, this is the easiest way i could think of to send them, i don't have yer email:,,,