Monday, August 13, 2007

Tasty Treats #6 The Mental Health Issue, Strange Coincidence #2, and Happy to Report

So yes I did decide to skip Issues 4&5 for now(issue 4 needs it's own space as it is an experiment that failed miserably but does has a pull-out poster(which is good), and a recipe comic with Jake Ace and Martin(which is better), and the rest of the issue is ehh. Anyway we will skip back to 2004, this issue came about from the second story first, for what ever reason this guy I was working with started to sing the Ghostbusters song, then this image popped in my head of him as a kid walking around saying " I ain't afraid of no ghosts". Then I just drove him crazy about it the rest of the day, adding more to it, the bullies, the lunch box, and I even think the Autistic angle(it seems most of my ideas come from acting like a idiot at work, but it also let's me build on something and in this case it was "why the fuck is he singing that stupid song"), but by the time I got home I had the story in my head, paper ghosts and all.

The problem was that I knew the story wasn't long enough, and I had to come up with another story, thus the Jake Ace story which in a word isn't bad but the whole thing came from the idea that on Tuesdays you always get these ads, coupons, and clutter, in your mailbox, and I wanted to add a mailman character and what you see is what you get. Bob isn't a bad character he's fine, but he makes Jake into a good character which is bad. The best parts of the first story are Jake dealing with Hertz lady, the kids, and Martin, the middle just seems to lose it's way, and Bob's crazy rant should have been crazier. No complaints on the Bradley Hess story it pretty much came out how I had it in my head, even got to give some payback to a typing teacher I had. So jump to page 9 if want to read the better story.

Strange Coincidence #2 see April 7, 2007 for #1, I don't know if the scene I saw will be in the movie or if it's a cut scene(it did seem kind of long) but the movie Superbad has a scene(or deleted scene) where the fat kid is telling a story from his youth and he keeps mentioning a Ghostbusters lunch box where he keeps his dirty pictures. For some reason that struck me as odd as I knew that I would be posting this issue, and to see that scene specifically it's crazzee.

7 pages are written of Jake Ace and Crew, no outline, no idea where the story is going, it's already gone off on a tangent, once again resulting from a discussion I had with a co-worker at my present job(except I didn't drive her crazy). Once I have ten pages written I'll start drawing, will try to keep the Tuesday schedule. Enjoy

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