Monday, September 24, 2007

The Last Old One Before the New Ones (or A Big Long One(20 pages long)), and ...If It Wasn't...So here's the plan

2005/06 Lindsay Lohan wasn't quite the train wreck she is now but her spiral downward probably started around this time. But that is the redhead Martin is talking about in this issue and he pretty much called it. I won't go into the the other women he's talking about, and No I haven't read any Harry Potter so I don't know if HP has the hots for that chick in the book or not. Somehow I pulled 20 pages out of the old grey matter and almost made a real comic(24 pages being the norm, I believe). We finally get to meet Stewart, Ellroy(maybe he'll be back), Miss Haddie(eh). The good thing about this issue was that Stewart was introduced as he plays off Ace and Martin in a way I wasn't expecting and I do have big plans for him and a part-time job he will be getting. For the most part I was pretty satisfied with the issue(yeah Ellroy's a cliche, that's why you probably won't see him again), the whole Harry Potter is alright(people were really complaining like that though) the best part being Martin going on his fantasy girl tangent. The weirdest thing about this issue was that instead of listening to music I was listening to DVD commentaries while I drew it out, one of them being A History of Violence, which brings me to...
...If It Wasn't for Guillermo Del Toro, and David Cronenberg I probably wouldn't step into a movie theater. Eastern Promises had the Cronenberg violence but at least to me didn't have the Cronenberg menace that makes his other movies so strong. I wish he would get back into writing his own movies again.

So here's the plan I like the every other Tuesday schedule thus the next post will be either a painting or a rant that has been building up for awhile, then the following post will be the start of the new stuff.


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